What else to do in Weligama?

In case your muscels need a rest from all the paddling or if it's a 'Bad-Wave-Day', there is a lot more you can do in Weligama Area. We can help you find some unforgettable non-surfing activities. 


Cinnamon Island

Cinnamon is one of the most essential ingredients in the Sinhalese cuisine. Not as you might think for sweet dishes

but to refine the curries. By boat you will reach the island and at the cinnamon factory they will explain and teach you how to make the ‘real’ cinnamon. Additional you can explore the island by yourself, discover the Buddhist-temple and enjoy a fantastic view.

 Ayurvedic Herbal Garden

Ayurveda (literally "the knowledge of life") is one of the oldest historic medicines in the world. Its roots lie in India as well as in Sri  Lanka.    By visiting the herbal garden you will explore the huge variety of    roots, leaves, barks, flowers and fruits that are used in the ayurvedic medicine. Try different oils and creams that support your body and soul in finding balance and health.

River-Sunset Safari

Sri Lanka is famous and loved for its untouched nature. Experience this wilderness by sliding gently   down the river  in a traditional fisher boat; feel like in a wildlife documentary - watch the monkeys play  on a shore, enjoy a nice sunset and see hundreds of birds in  small vivid green palm trees at the waterside searching for a safe place to spend the night. 


Tea Plantation

Tea  was once brought to Sri Lanka by the British and became one of the most important export products of the island.  After a 30 minutes tuk-tuk ride into the inland you will reach the tea plantation and factory.  Visit the plantation to find out about Sri Lanka's 150-year-old tea industry. 

After a tour through the tea factory you can buy all different kinds of flavours that Sri Lanka has to offer. 


Because of the water depth in Sri Lanka's southern district the giants of the ocean pass by  this area.   

Get up in the  early morning and join one of the boats and the 'watcher' 

lookout for the giants of the ocean, dolphins, flying fish and other aquatics animals. 



Safari Udawalawe

Udawalawe  is one of the least overrun and uncrowded  National Parks of Sri Lanka. Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, peacocks, buffalos, snakes, deer and birds in the prettiest colours. Enjoy your ride in the jeep and get close to these wild and free animals. 


Turtle Farm

Turtles sometimes lay more than 200 eggs per nest and about 2-8 times a season. To protect the eggs people from the turtle farm collect and take care of them. After  55-60 days the turtles hatch out of their eggs. two or three days later  the small turtles  gonna be sent back to the sea.

Also hurt Turtles are brought to the farm and got treated until they are healthy again.

Snake Farm

There are about 290 species of snakes in the world and 96 are found in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, locals learn about differing dangerous  from harmless species already at a very young age. 

 At the farm the courageous  among you can admire these reptiles and their amazing diversity - from small to huge, from dull to

colourfully ornament.

 Getting Around

Weligama has more to offer than just a beach. For getting around we help you organizing getting your ride. 


You need...

...a Scooter  w/ or w/o Surfboard rack?

...a ride from another destination?

...A ride to your next destination?

If you are interested in any of these activities just talk with us after your surf lesson, visit us at our surf school or hotel, give us a call or write us a short message.