The waves are moving to the east coast - and so  are we

Due to off season in the Arugam Bay we will start our surf school in Sri Lanka's  South coast - Weligama!

Your surf adventure begins here...

The time passes by: Already 4 years ago we opened 'Kumara Surf school' at Weligama Beach.

We started small; at the beginning we had not more than 3 boards - but those boards we were renting out and at the same time we started to give our first surf lessons. To be honest... even though we had many years of experience in surfing our know-how about giving lessons was not very advanced. But with time the number of boards increased more and more and we figured out how to instruct and support our students in a way, so  skills unfold and waves can be caught quick independently.  We worked hard today we are happy and proud for what we have achieved.

We never stop to improving: By passing my ISA and ILS course I am  an  official surfing instructor.


Our practiced surfing instructors will teach beginners how to stand on the board in their first lesson and they will improve the 'cut-back'-skills of advanced surfers. Therefor Sri Lanka is with it's beach break surf point the perfect country.


Due to the beach break Arugam Bay is a perfect spot for all beginners and everyone who is excited in learning and improving their surfing skills. We will teach you all basics like how to lay on the board, how to keep the balance, how to paddle and how to get up. On your first surfing day you will be able to ride your first white wave and after a few more tries you will catch your first green wave totally by yourself.


Experienced surfer?

Perhaps you have  already experience and have ridden some great waves around the world? Nevertheless you will have fun and enjoy beach breaks in Arugam BAy. In case you are getting bored and want to have some variation by exploring  some other surf spots we will guide you to amazing places in the east coast of Sri Lanka.



Who are we?

A short introduction about ourselves – so you know what awaits you!


Surf School Owner & Surfing Instructor, ISA instructor and ILS

"When I was 10 years old I tried the first time to ride a wave at Weligama Beach. With 17 years a good friend changed my life by giving me his old surfboard - it was the first board I owned and I learned how to surf with.

With my own Surf School  I have fulfilled my dream and turned my passion into my occupation. It makes me happy to see  smiling and happy  faces from my students after riding their very first waves."


Surfing Instructor


Surfing Instructor